Efficient screed for underfloor heating

Efficient screed for underfloor heating

Using Ultraflo® liquid floor screed from RTU with underfloor heating systems, means the time taken to increase room air temperature can be much less than using traditional methods such as sand: cement screed.

RTU introduced Ultraflo® liquid floor screed into the Irish market over nearly 10 years ago, but this technology has been proven to be successful throughout Europe for over 25 years.

It is a calcium sulphate, hemihydrate liquid floor screed designed to comply with BS EN 13813: 2002. With it being a pump applied, non-cement based material and can be installed up to 10 times faster than traditional floor screeds due to its virtually self levelling and self-compacting qualities. It also has the advantage of allowing light traffic after 24 hours, which is aided by the much thinner screed depth required, a benefit for any project. With minimal drying shrinkage, and a reduced risk of cracking, the need for movement joints are also reduced.

Ultraflo® liquid floor screed offers a wide range of benefits, including:

– Drying shrinkage less than < 0.02% which is at least 3 times less than cement based screeds.

– Ultraflo® has excellent thermal conductivity due to the self-compacting nature as it can fully encapsulate the underfloor heating pipes allowing no air pockets to form.

– Movement joints need only be considered where the floor area exceeds 1000m2 or where the floor becomes elongated and an aspect ratio of 1:6 is exceeded. Movement joints should also be considered across doorways and when used with underfloor heating systems, movement joints should be considered between different heating zones.

– Ultraflo® can be force dried after 7 days when used over underfloor heating pipes. – not subject to cracking or curling.

– As Ultraflo® is not a cement based product it does not require a 28 day hydration period and thus can be force dried after 7 days having no detrimental effect on the floor such as cracking found in cement based products.

– Ultraflo® can be installed with improved speed of up to 10 times faster compared with traditional sand: cement screed.

University of Ulster conducted a study comparing the heat responsiveness of RTU Ultraflo® liquid floor screed with traditional sand: cement screed and the results were quite outstanding. Ultraflo® liquid screed is shown to have a much faster heat responsiveness with underfloor heating than sand: cement screed, with the room air temperature increasing by 10°C within 3 hours as opposed to 9 and a half hours it took for traditional sand: cement screed.

For more information, telephone RTU on 028 9085 1441, e-mail [email protected] or visit www.rtu.co.uk


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