Koraflex Plus has it all covered

Koraflex Plus has it all covered

Wienerberger – the UK’s leading provider of building material solutions – has announced the latest addition to its range of leak-proof roof flashing solutions.

Koraflex Plus offers a combination of easy installation, environmental performance and long-term value, with a choice of three colours.

The newly developed flashing solution is designed for quick and easy installation. A durable adhesive backing removes the need for prefabrication or welding, and the material stretches up to 70% in length and 15% in width, so it can easily be formed to complex shapes such as corners and deep tile profiles.

Made from a lead and solvent-free material to prevent chemical leaching, the solution features a smooth, durable surface, which repels dirt and lichens, making the product completely safe to use with rainwater harvesting systems.

Fully approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), it’s supplied with a full RoofSpec guarantee. Providing that it’s applied in compliance with official Wienerberger specification, this ensures the performance of Koraflex Plus for a period of 15 years.

Finally, the solution is available in a choice of red, grey and black, so that it effortlessly blends into all roof types, which also helps to prevent theft.

For further information please visit www.wienerberger.co.uk/koraflexplus or follow Wienerberger on Twitter at @wienerbergeruk

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