All the winners at Skillbuild NI Apprentice Finals 2016

All the winners at Skillbuild NI Apprentice Finals 2016
Best Overall Skillbuild NI Young Apprentice and Gold award winner in Brickwork, Jemual Chamos from SERC, photographed with Department for Employment and Learning Deputy Secretary Catherine Bell and Sarah Travers at Skillbuild NI Finals 2016.

This year’s Best Overall Skillbuild NI Young Apprentice is Jemual Chamos from SERC who also won Gold in the Brickwork category.

Over 70 construction apprentices competed against each other and tested their skills in nine different construction trades at the Skillbuild NI Finals held at South West College, Technology and Skills Centre Enniskillen in March – with all the winners listed below.

Skillbuild NI, run and governed by CITB NI, is held annually each spring with the top local construction apprentices competing to win coveted titles ranging from brickwork to wall and floor tiling. The winners may then go on to represent Northern Ireland in the Skills Show UK and potentially at WorldSkills.

Department for Employment and Learning Deputy Secretary, Catherine Bell, said, “Skillbuild NI is a great opportunity to showcase and celebrate the high level of skills we possess and the impressive talent of our workforce. It reflects the high standards of training in our Colleges and the commitment to excellence demonstrated by the competitors.

“As with all skills competitions, Skillbuild NI is about raising the status and standards of professional and technical education and training. We have a proud record of success at skills competitions not only on a local level but also on a regional, national and world level. I congratulate the ten young competitors who have been selected to represent the UK Squad, and I look forward to seeing how many progress to the prestigious Worldskills competition in Abu Dhabi in 2017.”

This competition not only encourages trainees to improve their own skills, but provides an example of the high quality work being produced in training organisations and colleges across NI. The Skillbuild test pieces are designed to challenge the ability of apprentices, testing skills within tight timeframes and the competitors are being continuously assessed throughout the competition.

The competition has the support of local construction employers who sponsor each category, and has the overall support from the Department for Employment and Learning, Construction Employers Federation, Haldane Fisher, City and Guilds, and Subway.

Maurice Johnston, Chairman CITB NI, said, “CITB NI is proud to have been involved in construction competitions for almost 40 years. During this time we have witnessed many construction apprentices take their first steps on a journey that has led to success at UK National, International or even World Skills Competitions.

“Skillbuild is an amazing showcase for the wide variety of skills and talent we have in this country and we congratulate not only the medal winners but all of those who have taken part in this prestigious competition. Skillbuild NI couldn’t happen without the support of the local sponsors and the training network and we extend our thanks to all who have helped the apprentices to be able to compete here today. Our young people are more ambitious now than ever and we wish all the competitors luck in their future careers within the construction industry.”

Malachy McAleer, Chief Executive, South West College, said, “We at SWC and the Enniskillen Technology & Skills Centre were delighted to welcome the Skillbuild NI Finals to the Region. This Skills Competition is a tremendous opportunity to exhibit the quality of our future workforce. The contestants from across NI, always provide an outstanding spectacle.  In global, European, and UK Skills competitions over recent years, NI participants have excelled; so it is likely that future World Skills winners will have participated in this NI event.  The range of technical areas of display, the intensity of the competition and the quality of the skills exhibited always makes for an Olympic – style event.”


Jemual Chaos, SERC

South West College

South West College

Keith Wade, North West Regional College.

Jemual Chaos                    Gold                      SERC
Thomas Fegan                   Silver                     SRC
Edwin Lewis                       Bronze                  SWC

Christopher Jeffery         Gold                      SRC
Jonathan Smith               Silver                     SWC
Edward Allan                    Bronze                  SWC

William Campbell            Gold                      SERC
Brian McLoughlin            Silver                     SWC
Euan Craig                         Bronze                  BMC

Stuart Graham                  Gold                      SWC
Philip Aiken                       Silver                     NRC
Aaron Topping                  Bronze                  NRC

Richard Shannon              Gold                     SRC
Gareth Elliot                       Silver                    SWC
Jamie Jowe                         Bronze                 SWC

Dylan Fitzpatrick             Gold                      SWC
Dylan Sweeney                 Silver                     NWRC
Peter McKernan               Bronze                  SWC

Daniel McAteer                 Gold                      SWC
Cailum McArdle                Silver                     SRC
Curtis Johnston                 Bronze                  SERC

Tyler Elliott                        Gold                      SRC
Gary Knight                        Silver                     SRC
Richard Nicholson            Bronze                  SRC

Daniel McBurney             Gold                      SRC
David Markey                    Silver                     SRC

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